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As the Summer is around the corner, experts have warned about the ‘tick explosion’ coming back with full force. Medical experts have urged people to be extra vigilant to protect themselves against these harmful ticks. Dr. Thomas Mather also known as “The Tick Guy” said these ticks are up in the air and looking for a host hoping, and that they can latch onto something walking around them. Mather mentioned the summer season to be prime for these ticks to spread. Tick populations are active from April to October, they have the tendency to rise in the summer, and the numbers are only going to be higher than previous seasons, also because of the unusual weather patterns which provide a conducive environment for these bloodsuckers.

It is believed that the ticks never really went away. The ticks are generally carried by animals like Deer, chipmunks, and rodents. Not only rural areas but urban areas are equally affected by the tick bites. But at the same time, there are ways and means to get yourself protected from these ticks to bite us. Here’s how.

Be Careful About The Habitat of Ticks

It is always wise to not assume the ticks only lurking in the woods, they have a tendency to carry themselves through something which they can easily latch upon. They can be found in city parks and in your backyards as well. Ticks can latch upon birds and other animals to easily find a means to reach up to humans. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the people residing in the cities as well must take precaution to get bitten by ticks.

Apply Spray In Your Premises

Doctors recommend using insect repellent if your skin gets exposed to the tick habitat areas. According to the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention, formulas containing DEET, picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus deter ticks effectively. It is recommended to spray your clothes with products like permethrin, which can stay on garments even after washing it for a few cycles. The permethrin is believed to stay good for four to six weeks or maybe more.


Wearing the Right Clothes

The long-sleeved shirts and pants are the safest ways of protecting yourself from the tick bites. Doctors recommend wearing light-coloured clothing to spot the ticks as they tend to blend with the darker items. For ultimate protection, stuffing pants into the socks should be the safest around tick habitat areas.

Undergo Tick Checks

Post returning from the trip outside, thoroughly inspecting your skin for any black spot to confirm any tick bites. Ticks are very small in size and get confused with freckles. It is safest to take a shower to wash off the hidden regions like ground and underarms.



Ticks can spread like a Lyme disease and all the precaution mentioned above can prevent you from getting their bites. Even if you happen to have bitten by the ticks, the immediate removal of the tick will prevent in spreading the diseases.