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Tick Spray

Mosquito  and Tick Spray

Ticks carry and can transmit a variety of diseases, Lyme disease being one of the biggest concerns here in Connecticut. Keeping everyone tick free, especially children and pets is very important. Our Tick Barrier Spray program is designed to kill ticks where they live so that your family and pets can enjoy your yard.

Ticks require hosts (people or animals) to latch onto and feed on in order to survive. Ticks rest on the tips of grasses, leaves or shrubs just waiting to climb onto an unsuspecting host. Once they begin to feed they can transmit pathogens that cause disease.

Tick Control

Mosquito Stop’s Tick Barrier Spray targets the leafy areas on the edge of your property, stone walls, grass, shrubs and kills ticks where they live. Our professional treatment takes the preventative measures necessary for your backyard tick control.

Seasonal Elimination

Some ticks can be active all year long, especially if the temperature doesn’t fall below freezing. Although many ticks tend to be most active from March-November in the northeast, even after the first frost some species of ticks remain active.

Contact us today to arrange a Tick Barrier treatment plan so you can enjoy the outdoors without the danger of ticks.

For New Haven County, we offer mosquito control in New Haven, North Haven, West Haven, East Haven, Meriden, Hamden, Waterbury and surrounding areas.

For Hartford County, we offer tick control in Hartford, North Hartford, West Hartford, East Hartford and surrounding areas.

Other Areas We Serve: Wallingford, Berlin, Wethersfield, Rocky Hill, Cromwell, North Branford, Clinton, Westbrook, Milford, Orange City.

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